Justice Department also files criminal fraud charges against Robert Morgan, three others. The SEC said Mr. Morgan raised $110 million from more than 200 mostly. About three dozen people used retirement accounts to make.. 'It is an act of insanity to stay in the U.S.': Why this 63-year-old teacher.

The money for his lavish lifestyle came from the pockets of thousands of people, from an 89-year-old widow in a memory care facility in Tennessee to ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has accused Mr. Shapiro of running a Ponzi scheme.

Phil Donnahue Williamson-Investment Fraud, Ponzi Scheme. Posted December 18, 2015 by Peiffer Wolf. Phil Donnahue Williamson Allegedly Siphoned Money from His Investment Fund and Defrauded Investors, Including Several Retired Teacher and Law Enforcement Officers

How retirees lost their life savings in an investment scam. and Bernie Madoff has pleaded guilty to stock and securities fraud in New York.

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Going Public LawyerOn June 1, 2014, the Securities and exchange commission (sec) announced it had brought charges in a Ponzi Scheme. According to the SEC Charges, the scheme was orchestrated by an investment adviser who took siphoned money from his investment fund and defrauded investors, including several local teachers and law enforcement.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has alleged that the Woodbridge operated a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme ensnaring about 8,400 investors. Woodbridge solicited hundreds of disreputable insurance agents and investment brokers to sell its false notes that the firm claimed to be backed by mortgages.

SEC, prosecutor charge miami Investment Adviser With Defrauding Retired Teachers and Law Enforcement Officers with Ponzi Scam June 3, 2015 investment advisers ssek law The SEC is charging Miami investment adviser Phil Donnahue Williamson with running a Ponzi scam and bilking at least seventeen investors.

The scheme collapses when there are not enough new investors to pay the existing ones – the number of new investors is eventually exhausted, and the scheme becomes unsustainable. Mr. Ponzi’s scheme lasted barely 200 days. A more recent example of a Ponzi scheme is that of former stock broker and investment advisor Bernie Madoff.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida have each charged Miami-based investment advisor Phil Donnahue Williamson for his alleged role in a $2,000,000 Ponzi scheme that defrauded hundreds of retired public sector workers, including school teachers and law.