Buying was more economical for us. To rent out here was expensive and it was pretty much as much as paying a mortgage." Leah and her husband have two sons. Buying a house sight unseen was a better option for them than the alternative possibility of not securing a place to live as soon as they moved from overseas.

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How to Buy a House Sight Unseen 1. Call the listing agent. Contact the listing agent and tell them that you’re interested in buying. 2. Hire a real estate agent. If you like what the listing agent has to say, hire a buyer’s agent. 3. Find out all you can about the neighborhood. Check out the.

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Your Guide to Buying a House Sight Unseen.. , sometimes you’re in a situation where you’re buying a home sight unseen. Buying a home without viewing it in person isn’t as uncommon as you think, especially not these days, with the help of technology and in the era of online shopping..

Millennials in particular are more likely to buy a vehicle based on a car’s connectivity. Lexus even has a partnership.

How to help your clients buy a house — sight unseen. Low inventory in hot markets and ever improving tech are leading to remote buyers having the confidence to make bids on homes in distant places.

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 · Would You Buy This House Sight Unseen? Well, one guy did, as bold buyers snap up real estate without setting foot on it. By . Patrick Clark, Kevin Kwong, a.

 · Buying a House Sight Unseen. The Pros. Save Money, Time, and Energy – Dahsing to the next location whether just hours away by cars or thousands of miles by airplane is a lot of work.It can be exhausting and very expensive. Sometimes it is not feasible to make the trip, making buying a house sight unseen the best decision.

"They are three times more likely than baby boomers to make an offer sight-unseen, and they’re more likely than older buyers and sellers to negotiate commission savings." How To Buy A House.

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