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 · A September memo showed that turnout among young people increased by an average of 4 percent in the 2018 primaries vs. 2014 primaries – and doubled in some battleground states compared to 2014.

 · young people stayed home, too: Only about 46 percent of eligible voters under 30 turned out, far below the participation among those 45 and older. In 2018, though, those patterns altered.

Data from the Pew Research Center demonstrates that millennials now match baby boomers as the largest share of the American electorate, and the first post-millennials (known as Generation Z) are now eligible to vote. In the 2018 midterm elections, young voters have the power to reshape the legislative landscape — but only if they show up to.

Hillary Clinton’s announced Monday that she supported a full path to citizenship for people in the. In the Mason-Dixon Florida poll, black voters prefer Clinton over Bush by 87 points and over.

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“I know kids who’ve been through less and maybe they can’t handle it,” said Fleming, who will head to Florida. that among 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed, a third of whites and just 18 percent of.

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Florida’s 2018 Youth Vote Swells over Previous Midterm. About 37 percent of the state’s 18- to 29-year-olds voted in November, compared with 22 percent who voted in 2014. That’s especially notable for midterm elections when turnout is typically low. Counties with large numbers of college students had particularly impressive turnouts.

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Newly released data reveals that young Florida voters did hit the polls at a significantly higher rate – 15 percentage points more – compared with the previous midterm election. About 37 percent of the state’s 18- to 29-year-olds voted in November, compared with 22 percent who voted in 2014.

Florida midterm voting surged among young people and Hispanics, but less among black voters [ad_1] It positive appeared as if individuals have been preoccupied with politics in 2018, and new voter knowledge released wednesday confirmed that translated right into a surge in voters within the midterm elections in Florida and the U.S. as an entire.