SJW: White people are racist, therefore to strengthen our racist countries we need to import more non-white people. Diversity is our strength.

2017-10-13  · Right now we’re sending our own execs through diversity training, and we’re putting our resources behind getting a true picture of D&I in the UK’s digital sector – but none of us are flying solo on this. We know partnership is the way forward. We’ve got to move the narrative of diversity.

The powerful money interests that promote diversity do so not because it is indeed ‘our strength’ but rather because it creates division, tension, and conflict, all of which are essential to their ‘divide and rule’ strategy.

The international terror financing watchdog warned pakistan that it will be blacklisted if it does not control. law. “Our.

Diversity Is Our Strength?. To work and not wreck, diversity needs a key ingredient – common ground. D iversity! A magical buzzword if there ever was one. It opens doors to conferences, is on the lips of every politician, and is the slogan of every major corporation.

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Letter: Diversity is not our greatest strength written By: Jeffry Menart | Mar 19th 2019 – 7pm. Whether foreign or domestic, terrorism is nothing more than a thought crime and a precursor to hate.

"Diversity is our strength!" And so the multiculturalism cult was born. Acknowledging that our galaxy-exploring Western Republic probably has nothing to learn from people who yell at clouds to make rain is now a thought crime.

Their winning of a speech contest proves that success and fortitude are not limited by your surname. Bakersfield is definitely a city of immigrants, from everywhere. Our diversity is our strength.

However great the shock of the massacre in Orlando, it is only a matter of time before we start hearing again the fact-free dogma that "diversity is our strength." If there is any place in the.

This takeover Europe is experiencing is nothing short of an invasion. European culture is falling in the name of “Diversity”. Diversity and Multiculturalism is not a strength; it is a weakness. So when Mr Turnbull tells you “Multiculturalism is our strength”, he is being about as honest as Shanghai Sam.

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